Adults rehabilitation

Adults rehabilitation

Rehamed-Center offers the neurologic and the orthopedic rehabilitation of adults. We regain the lost functions by performing the exercises based on the neurophysiologic methods such as: PNF, Bobath and functional therapy. 

The adults rehabilitation aims to functional recovery, which was lost as a result of the disease, the accident or the surgery. Early started therapy should prevent the creation and fixation of the pathological changes and enable fast health recovery. The most important aim is the independent performance of the daily activities, participation in the social and work life together with the hobbies.

The final stage of the adult rehabilitation should be the transfer to the practice of the recreational sport or even the professional one.

Besides the individual exercises, the adults rehabilitation is supported by the modern devices such as Lokomat, Erigo, Armeo.

The patients have the possibility to use the help of the neuro speech therapist and the specialized medical care.