Lokomat is a unique device enabling the gait training for the adults and the children.


The Rehamed-Center is equipped with the LOKOMAT, that is a unique device enabling the gait training for the adults and the children, whose motor abilities are not present or are disordered.

Lokomat, provides the correct gait cycles (the time of the swing phase, the step length, the gait speed), prevents the development of the pathological compensations and enables the correct gait learning. Its effectiveness in the reeducation of the patients gait after the stroke, spinal cord injuries, craniocerebral injuries, cerebral palsy, SM was confirmed by the numerous scientific studies.

Lokomat was designed in cooperation with the Paraplegic Center in Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich (Switzerland). Due to the cooperation of the medical doctors, physiotherapists, patients and scientists, who have created the Lokomat, it is the most advanced device used in gait reeducation.



The advantages of the early gait training on the Lokomat:

  • Minimization of the unbeneficial effects of the prolonged immobilization,
  • Acceleration of the functional recovery,
  • Lowering of the pathologic muscles tension,
  • Normalization of the blood circulation reactions, improvement in the trophic and peripheral blood circulation,
  • Restoration of the correct motor patterns and posture.

Lokomat enables:

  • supervision of the gait pattern correctness,
  • precise, dynamic body mass relief,
  • gait reeducation with the use of a treadmill with speed regulation,
  • individual selection of the movement range in the particular lower extremities joints (hip and knee joint),
  • body mass relief regulation,
  • side load regulation,
  • usage of the biofeedback information as the supporting element of the therapy.


During the therapy on the Lokomat, the patient wears the exoskeleton, which enables him the gait on the treadmill in the relief conditions. The main elements of the Lokomat are: the treadmill, the relief system, orthesis and the controlling and analyzing software which enables to set the gait parameters– speed, step length, range of motions in hip and knee joints .

The dynamic relief created by the orthesis allows for the early start of the gait learning without the proper muscles power of the lower extremities.


Lokomat therapy price includes:

Preparation of the patient and the device for the therapy, 25 to 45 minutes training (depending on the capabilities of the patients) and the disconnection of the patient from the device.