Elderly people stay

Elderly people stay

In the Rehamed-Center, the stay of the elderly people who require the 24 hour medical care is possible. It is also possible to provide the stay to people who are fully independent but for some reasons need the support.

We offer the comfort single, double and triple rooms. In each room there is the bathroom adjusted to the needs of the elderly and the disabled, the TV and the internet free of charge.

We guarantee three meals daily during the stay, taking into consideration the diet of the patient.


The medical staff is responsible for the health and security of the patients. During the stay at the Rehamed-Center, there is a possibility to perform the additional lab tests and the functional skills assessment and to prepare the recreation exercises based on the results.

Around the building, there are the fenced green areas with alleys to walk. Outside the terrain of the center, there is a forest complex "Bór", which neighborhoods with the center creating a micro climate.