ERIGO is the advanced form of the verticalization on the tilt table with the step function.



ERIGO is the advanced form of the verticalization on the tilt table with the step function.

The process of progressive verticalization is one of the main elements of the early rehabilitation of the patients, who due to various reasons, have the limitations in terms of the independent achievement of the vertical position, standing and walking. The first attempts of the passive tilting, conducted on the traditional tilting tables usually end without success due to the cardiovascular instability and the orthostatic reactions, such as the blood pressure drop, the dizziness and the fainting. Thanks to the stage tilting and the step function, which is enabled by the Erigo, the unbeneficial reactions from the circulatory and respiratory system are minimized.

The Erigo was designed in cooperation with Paraplegic Center in Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich (Switzerland) and the Orthopeadic Ward of the Heidelberg University Hospital (Germany). ERIGO was created thanks to the strict cooperation of the medical doctors, the therapists, the patients and the scientists from the various scientific disciplines.



The advantages of the patients tilting on the Erigo table are inter alia:

  • reeducation of the unbeneficial blood circulatory reactions in patients during tilting,
  • prevention of effects of the long lasting stay in the horizontal or the sedentary position (such as the infections of the respiratory tract, blood circulation disorders, muscular atrophy, joints contractures, loss of the bone mass or diminishing of the intestines peristalsis),
  • reconstruction of the correct postural patterns and locomotive functions,
  • stimulation of the primary motor cortex of the nervous system.


Erigo enables:

  • performance of the passive movement of the lower extremities in the vertical position,

  • gait stimulation,

  • alternating loading of the lower extremities,

  • individual configuration of the inclination angle of the table, movement range for the right and the left lower extremity and the steps frequency,

  • tilting of the patient in the early stage of the rehabilitation, also the patients in coma.


The construction of the ERIGO is based on the traditional tilt table, which is integrated with the step system via the computer. The movements of the lower extremities are close to the movements present during the correct, physiological gait. The extension in the hip joint is provided together with the loading on the sole of the foot during the stance phase.

The patient on the table is stabilized by the specially chosen safety harness on the pelvis and the thorax. The feet are stabilized in the special, moving handles. The important element, is the emergency lever, enabling fast return to the horizontal position in case of the unwanted symptoms occurrence. The computer software enables for the individual choice of the training parameters. In case of the people with a better adaptation for the tilting, during the training for the short time you can switch off the step function. It increases the loading for the circulatory and the respiratory system and intensifies the training.


Erigo therapy price includes:

The preparation of the patient and the device for the therapy, 25 to 45 minutes training and the disconnection of the patient from the device.