1. Write to us or call

address: Rehamed-Center, Tajęcina 66a, 36-002 Tajęcina


mobile: +48 539 938 331
phone:  +48 17 772 56 66

You can also send the filled in form:
The questionnaire for the applicant patient

2. Contact

We will contact you in order to complement the information or to inform you about the results of the qualification.

3. Offer

After the positive qualification we will prepare the offer of the stay for the Patient, taking into consideration:

  • Date of starting and the length of the stay,
  • Individually chosen rehabilitation program,
  • Special nutritional needs.

4. Admission to the ward

During the admission to the inpatient ward:

  • we sign the contract for treatment,
  • the patient sign the agreement for the rehabilitation,
  • the personnel interviews the patient and his family in order to set the individual needs concerning the care.

Taking into consideration the individual approach to each patient, we will prepare the primary offer of the rehabilitation program, together with the price calculation based on the delivered medical documentation of the patient. The final rehabilitation program is created after the arrival of the patient to the Center and conducting the diagnostic visit.

How can we help you?

How can we contact you?

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