Organizational Rules

Enclosure no  V to
REHAMED – CENTER limited liability company with the seat in Tajęcina

REHAMED – CENTER Sp. z o. o.




Each Patient has the right  to:

  1. Medical services in conformity with current medical knowledge and capabilities of Rehamed -Center Sp. z o. o., pharmaceutical products and medical materials.
  2. Information concerning their health.
  3. Express, after obtaining proper information, their consent to receive particular medical services or to reject them.
  4. Privacy and respect of their dignity while obtaining medical services.
  5. Personal, telephone or letter contact with people from outside.
  6. Additional care performed by a close person.
  7. Present a person or institution, statutory representative of actual representative to be informed in case of deterioration of health conditions.
  8. Protection of personal data.
  9. Storing in a deposit valuable things in conformity with prepared handover record. In case of not using this Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o. is not responsible for such


Duties of all patients:

  1. The Patient treated in Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o. cannot leave the centre with the exception of:
  • going for medically necessary consultations, examinations etc. ordered by attending physician,
  • special permissions issued by kinetic rehabilitation specialist, medical rehabilitation specialist or physiotherapy specialist authorised by the General Manager of Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o. or other medical staff authorised by General Manager.
  1. The Patient is obliged to follow all recommendations and orders of physicians and other medical staff.
  2. The Patient taking their own medicines is obliged to inform staff of Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o. about it
  3. The Patient is not allowed to bring and drink alcohol in Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o.
  4. The Patient is to follow the rules of not smoking in Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o.
  5. The Patient is to take care of their personal hygiene.
  6. The Patient is responsible for things they use during their stay at Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o. Patients will be responsible for all damages caused by them.
  7. The Patient should eat their meals at times and in places specified by staff of Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o.
  8. The Patient is not allowed to operate apparatus and devices constituting the equipment of Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o.
  9. The Patient who had an accident during their stay in Rehamed-Center Sp. z o. o. should immediately inform about it the staff of the facility and the staff will examine the patient and write the result in patient’s documentation.
  10. The Patient should read about their rights and obligations specified by the Charter of Patient’s Rules and Regulations (constituting enclosure 4 to Organizational Rules of Medical Organization Rehamed – Center Sp. z o. o.) and follow them.
  11. Quiet hours are between 22° – 6°°.


Additional Rules and Regulations of Stationary Department Patients:

  1. The Patient of Stationary Department has right for a room and meals corresponding to their health conditions.
  2. The Patient of Stationary Department has at their disposal a boiling kettle and fridge situated in the corridor.
  3. The Patient of Stationary Department is not allowed to use in their rooms their own boiling kettles, cookers and other appliances.
  4. The Patient of Stationary Department and their family is not allowed to enter staff rooms: storeroom, kitchen, nurse room etc.
  5. Additional care of the Patient of Stationary Department performed by a close person or other person appointed by the Patient needs the permission of Department Coordinator.
  6. The Patient of Stationary Department can, at their own request, be discharged from the Department and they can obtain from the physician information about the results of stopping the treatment.
  7. During visits of physicians, during medical procedures and during meals the Patient is obliged to stay in the proper room.
  8. The Patient is not allowed to change their bed without the consent of the Department Coordinator.
  9. The Patient who can walk uses the bathroom for washing and patients who cannot walk are aided by staff members. The patient should have their own soap, toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, shaving kit, towel etc.
  10. The Patient should keep their surrounding clean.
  11. In case of gross violation of order biding in Stationary Department the Patient can be discharged home on condition his health would allow it.
  12. Animals are not allowed in Medical Institution Rehamed-Center Sp. z o.o.
  13. Patient staying at the Stationary Department can be visited every day in the period from 7°° to  20°°. Staff of Stationary Department must be informed about each visit. Visits can be restricted or stopped as a result of epidemiological situation.

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