Free time

In spare time, you can visit and get know our region, whose historical card is quite rich.

Reszów – capital of innovation

The city of Rzeszów is situated at foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, in a valley of the Wisłok river. Rzeszów is an economic, educational, scientific, cultural and recreationand sports center of south-eastern Poland, capital of Podkarpackie Province, seat of the government, municipal, diocesan authorities and the jurisdiction institutions. City is an important academic center. On local universities educates ab. 50 thousands of students. International Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport functions 3 km from the city.

One of the best-known buildings in the city of Rzeszów is the Town Hall. The Town Hall is the main building holding the Municipal Council till the present days. We are in the Main Squere. Below you can see a popular meeting part in Rzeszów.